Collection: Splinter and Seed: Function and Concept in Wood

Splinter and Seed: Function and Concept in Wood, curated by Studio Artist Emily Berger, explores the many ways artists use wood in their practice.

Featured Artists:

  • Bob Trotman
  • Anatoly Tsiris
  • Adrian Rhodes
  • Emily Berger
  • David Caldwell
  • Mark Doepker
  • Jenn Garrison
  • Derek Hennigar
  • Christopher Holston
  • Doris Kapner
  • Lauren Puckett
  • Ian Wegener

Exhibition Statement:

“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

John Muir was famously passionate about the woods—not merely as a source of timber, but as the precious resource we call The Woods. Trees are essential for a healthy planet, and our spiritual connection to them is invaluable. It is crucial to consider how our greatest contributor to clean air is transformed into a product.

We often see trees depicted in paintings or murals. Less frequently, we’re exposed to woodwork as an art that skirts the line between craft and creativity. Wood as a medium gives insight into the maker’s process while typically maintaining its original form and texture.

This exhibition reveals the hidden potential of wood through the creativity of local and regional artists. From hand-carved and lathe-turned objects to carved images transferred to paper, the viewer is invited to explore both pragmatic and conceptual applications of wood's transformation.

Splinter and Seed intends to illustrate how nothing goes to waste within a medium that maintains its true nature unlike any other. In this way, we respectfully give new life and soul to our forests long after their bodies have fallen.