Collection: Liminal Divine

The Spring 2024 McColl Exhibition Fellowship is a collaborative four week collaborative four week fellowship followed by a six week exhibition. Unlike other exhibitions hosted by the McColl, this fellowship will collaborate on artistic experimentation in the studio and produce collaborative works to be displayed during the exhibition. Curator Elizabeth Palmisano invited the artists in this cohort to collaborate due to both their excellence in composition and their shared values.

The title of the exhibition is “Liminal Divine,” meaning, the space between or at the edge of the Divine. This exhibition will use collaborative art pieces to explore the hallowed moments found in the mundane - in connection, in nature, in the everyday magic around us.

Fellowship Artist mediums include documentary photography/videography, sound, live plants, silversmithing and metal working, sculpture including clay and 3D printing (fabrication), broommaking, sigil creation, and fiber art including handmade paper and stitching.

Krystle Baller is a musician, producer, animator, and designer who uses abstract and natural sounds and stop-motion animation to craft immersive mystical landscapes that speak to the ethereal. Baller invokes profound connections with the mysteries of the universe and the depth of one’s own spirit, cultivating reverent, reflective, and captivating experiences through soundscape and/or film. @krystleballer

Alicia Bell alchemizes folk art and splendor for fun, pleasure, and the archives of the future. They spend their life creating experiences that court folks into abundant freedom and liberation. To show up most fully, Bell ensures adequate time for napping, moisturizing, lifting weights, and savoring excellent cocktails, coffee, and tasty treats. @shape.chaos

Metalsmith and multi-disciplinarian day hixson utilizes a variety of materials to extrapolate the essence of the common thread that each of us connects to our humanity. She invites viewers to question preconceived notions to reveal hidden complexities within the seemingly straightforward, using juxtaposition as a catalyst for introspection. @dayhcreations

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Amtah Naazim explores the enchantment of the everyday through mediums including sculpture, fabrication, and illustration. Each piece they create seeks to whisper from a world of wonder, “Pause. Marvel. Imagine what more could exist.” Amtah Naazim will co-create a portal that helps us all get there. @amtahnaazim

Elizabeth Palmisano is an award winning mixed-media, installation, and fiber artist. As a community responsive artist, she invokes the power of relatability and compassion to spark intrigue, raise awareness, and inspire action. The totality of her work is through the lens and light of honor and possibility, and this is the space she invites you into. @ellafaeart

Marcelle Vielot is a Land Steward and Public Historian who seeks to facilitate sustainable community relationships by reactivating land/body relationships. Marcelle reactivates and nurtures these land/body connections through both individual and collective intimate interactions with the natural world. @thehabitualbee

Gloria Zavaleta is a visionary storyteller harnessing the power of documentary photography and cinematography to unveil the raw, intimate narratives of individuals. Through her lens, she unveils the intricacies of human vulnerability, fostering a space for collective unlearning and introspection. As a compassionate conduit between cultures and communities, Gloria weaves together tales of shared humanity, offering a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness and collective journey. @gloria.c.zavaleta